We care deeply about our oceans, the creatures that live above and beneath the surface. Moreover, we champion for plastic-free oceans, sustainable fishing, effective Marine Protected Areas and an end to over- exploitation of marine life.
We would educate young people on the preservation and conservation of the environment, especially considering sea life. Moreover, we encourage short summer course for younger between 8-11 year's old in order to increase awareness about actions to promote and habits to avoid, in order to preserve Mediterranean sea.
We promote the ethic and the rules for a sustainable sport fishing, for example. We strong invite also to avoid products produced through unsustainable or environmentally harmful methods. These products are directly linked to unsustainable fishing methods and the destruction of entire ecosystems.

Although the Mediterranean Sea covers only 1% of the world’s marine areas, it contains some 6% of its marine species, including endangered monk seal, marine turtles, dolphins and bluefin tuna. Once the cradle of civilization, the Mediterranean region today faces a host of threats, including pollution, overfishing and overdevelopment.